The Team

Rae Brown

Assistant Winemaker

A love of science and exploration led this rural Upstate New York girl across the country to Oregon State University (that would have been a LONG road trip just to join the rowing team as a walk-on). While studying microbiology she pondered a way to avoid a life spent in a stiff white lab coat. The answer lay with the bubbling carboy under her desk happily spewing foam from the air lock and dribbling onto the floor below.

She spent the next few years picking up techniques from Pinot noir and Chardonnay focused wineries of all sizes in Oregon and New Zealand. Rae joined Brittan Vineyards in 2019 and has enjoyed tackling each vintage’s unique challenges with this talented team.

Outside of work, Rae can be found: getting her hands dirty in her garden; rough housing with her golden retriever, Sage; or out on a hike in the Gorge.